5 Student Apps You Need Right Now

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It’s time to get the right student apps on your phone.
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As a student, you need to utilise technology in the best way possible. It needs to be advantageous, and I’m not just talking about for writing essays. Apps are a big thing, but there’s no point downloading something if it isn’t going to help you with your daily student life.

Some apps are designed to make you more efficient and productive during your day. If you don’t have these five student apps, you need to download them right now!


This is one of my favourites, and something that I would still use today (if I had an iPhone still). The computer is full of distractions zapping your productivity. But you can’t turn the internet off completely because you need to research.

Well, in comes SelfControl. This is one of the student apps that you need right now, because it will only block certain websites. You have control over the sites that you want to block and the time limit you have on accessing those sites.

The downside is that you don’t get access until that time. It can end up being a problem if you really need to access Facebook to get into a study group. But it’s something you learn to deal with and plan ahead with.

It’s free and available on the iPhone only at this time.


Copying and pasting content from the internet seems to be the quick and easy way to write essays. You tweak the sentences so they become a little more unique. While it’s not the way I advise you to write essays, JumpCut can help you with this.

This student app remembers everything you’ve copied and pasted before. You can paste text that you copied three copies ago, so you don’t need to go back and find that website again!

It’s great for saving time, but you will be better writing your own essays without copying from the internet!


As a student, you still need to exercise. But when is the time? You have like five minutes until you need to get ready to go out. This is where Sworkit comes in.

It’s one of the best exercise student apps out there. You can create mini training plans that will last just five minutes. You then follow the plans and get to build your muscles in a time that suits you. You can also do the workouts in your room!

It doesn’t replace actually getting to the gym now and then or going out to do physical activity. But when you’re in a tight jam, it can really help.

This one is available on Android and the iPhone, too!


It’s time to start studying for your exams. There are a lot of student apps that claim to help you with this, but ExamTime is one of the best options for you. It will allow you to create online notes, flashcards and even mind maps to collect your thoughts and memorize your module content.

The app also allows students to share their notes with each other. You can get a group study session going, and all easily work from the same notes and flashcards. And everything is colour-coded to make sure you’re on the right subject for your course.

MyVoucherCodes/NUS App

Yes, I’m including two in one, but they both offer something similar: the chance to save money. I don’t go anywhere without either of these student apps anymore. Granted, I’m still studying and still have an NUS card, I still don’t go anywhere without MyVoucherCodes. I like to test which one has the best discount for me.

The student life is tough, especially financial-wise. You want to save money, even when you’re already out and can’t print off codes. These apps allow you to check for the best discount close to where you currently are (as long as your GPS is switched on), and you can pull up the voucher codes while there.

Make sure you have these student apps, if you only want to download a handful of them. They’ll help you study and survive your student life from day one.


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    1. It is, right? I wish some of these were around the first time I did uni! They would have made things so much simpler. At that point, I was lucky to find a laptop with a built-in network card!

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