5 Best Student Planners for Freshers

As a fresher, you will be so used to your schools giving you planners and ways to help keep you on track for the week that there will be certain items overlooked when you start. I know that university will start in September, but there’s no time like the present to start getting everything in order and that includes student planners for freshers.

Here’s a look at the best student planners available. They’re simple, easy to use, and affordable.

best student planners

Plans+Things Weekly Planner

This is the current planner that I’m using for my own business. It’s not quite working out for my business and blogging needs but it would have been perfect for my student days.

The planner is set out with different columns for the days of the week, taking up about two thirds of the pages. The bottom third is for to-do lists, notes, and doodles. You can also make quick notes for things that need to happen this week. Each week takes up two pages and there are tabs to help you find each month easily.

Here’s a look at a Plans+Things review to help you find out more about it.

School Datebooks Student Planners

There are a range of student planners available through School Datebooks. The company is reputable and well known, selling planners in stores and online. It’s all in colour, appealing to many creatives.

Student Planner 2016-2017 School Year Planner Middle School / High School Content- 5.5″ x 8.5″
The planner is small, so you can easily carry it around in your school bag. That’s a benefit that the Plans+Things doesn’t have. The size does mean that there isn’t much room to put a lot of information in. A week takes up two pages, and the days don’t even take up a quarter of each of the pages.

However, it is designed specifically for students, as it runs academically. It’s also one of the cheap student planners to fit your student budget.

BookFactory Student Planner for Freshers

Then next planner on the list is one from BookFactory, another reputable company offering planners. This is slightly bigger than the School Datebooks option but not as big as Plans+Things. It’s also under $10. With shipping to the UK, you’d look at paying between £10 and £15 for the planner, which is about average.

BookFactory 2016-2017 Student Planner / Agenda / Organizer / Calendar (132 Pages) – 8.5″ X 11″ Wire-O (CAL-132-7CW-A(Student-Planner16-17))
This is another planner that appeals to creative people. The front cover has a multicoloured spiral and even makes a point of stating it is for students. Because of this, it runs academically, but there is a future planning section at the back.

You do get to view a whole month to a page with this planner, making it easy to plan ahead and see the bigger picture. There are then weekly views across two pages in tables, with enough space to put enough information for all your projects and goals for the week.

Studio 331 Weekly Planner

If you’re looking for something more grown up and possibly business orientated, the Studio 331 weekly planner is the option for you. This has sections for writing out your goals, creating to do lists, and adding absolutely everything you need to remember for the week.

Studio 331 Ultimate Weekly Planner – 2017 Organizer (November 2016 to December 2017) – Craft Brown

You get one week to a page, but the opposite page to it is a place for “Things to Do.” This was one of the first planners that I tried out for business. While it didn’t work for my blogging, it certainly did for my Open University needs. You don’t need as much detail for university dates and information as you do with blogs.

There is also a month to two page view. It’s easy to put in the deadlines and any other quite notes, so you see the whole month at a glance.

Tools4 Widsom Planner

If you have a little extra cash, you could also look into Tools4Widsom for a range of planners. I will say that these are more “girly,” for lack of a better word. They’re very feminine in design – both inside and out.

However, they are excellent for those who want to blog or need to run a business while studying. It’s one of my favourite planners that I’ve ever used and well worth the money – the majority of business planners are more than $40! This one is just $22 right now.

Tools4Wisdom Planner Calendar ( January – December 2017 | 8.5 x 11 Planner)
There are sections to view a month at a glance, a week at a glance, set high priority and low priority tasks and goals, and to make notes to remember. The tabs on the outside make it extremely easy to move between the months. If you’re one of those students who likes to set goals each month, this is definitely a student planner to consider.

It’s time to start looking into all your options. As a fresher, you need to find a way to get yourself organised and student planners are the easiest way to do that.


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