5 Tips to Prepare for University Next Year

It may only be the start of the summer holidays, but now is the perfect time to prepare for university next year. New university student or returning student? There are a few steps that you can take right now, so you’re not rushing around at the end of August/September. Here are five tips to prepare for university next year.

Get Your New Study Supplies Now

The start of the summer is when the Back to School specials begin. This is your chance to get hold of all your new study supplies, including notebooks and stationary. If you need a new computer, this could be the time to get one.

Assess what you really need to buy. Don’t just grab a new laptop because it’s on offer even if your current one is still working. A slow computer doesn’t need replaced, but needs some tuning up. Take some steps to do that. I say this as someone who has had the same laptop for five years and it’s still in full working order. All I’ve replaced is the battery and charger cable (and the latter was to get one for a new country).

Make a list of all the items that you need to replace. Spend your time in the Back to School sales to find them at a reasonable rate.

Build Your Savings Buffer

Most students will get a summer job. This is a great way to fund your summer activities but also prepare for university next year. It’s time to create a savings buffer.

Put a percentage of your income into a savings account. Try to keep this account separate from others, so you don’t feel tempted to touch it. It’s there for when you return to university for emergencies.

You can choose the percentage, but I suggest 10-20% of your monthly income.

If you don’t have a student summer job, look into ways to make some money online. Blogging, affiliate marketing, paid surveys are just three ideas off the top of my head. There are many more ways to make money online. Put a percentage of the amount you make into a savings account.


How to prepare for university during the summer holidaysBlock Time Each Week to Study

I know you want to spend the summer months partying with friends and going on holiday, but use your time wisely. This is especially important if you know you have to resit exams in September.

Block out an hour or two a day for studying if you’re resitting exams. This will give you chance to memorise your content. Don’t forget to email your lecturers if you’re struggling. Many will still have access to their work emails during the summer months and others will actually still work some of the summer holidays.

If you’re not resitting, opt for a few hours each week. You just want to keep your mind fresh on the information you learnt, ready to move on in your next year.

You may know someone in the year above you. If you do, ask them for notes or information about modules in the next year to help get ahead.

Find Out Next Year’s Textbooks and Get Them

The first couple of weeks of the new school year is spent looking around for the new textbooks. They’re expensive, especially if you’re late to the game. While you could rely on the student library, you’ll need to hope that you don’t get there when all the copies are on loan.

Spend time in the summer finding out about the next year’s textbooks. Get them if you can, asking students in the year above if they’re selling theirs on.

This will help you with the studying. You’ll be able to read ahead and get yourself ready for classes next year.

Map Out and Explore

In your first year, you may not have explored the city that much. Or you may be moving to an area that you don’t know too well. If you’re new, you may not even know the city at all. The summer is your chance to map out the area and do some exploring.

Find out where corner shops and supermarkets are. Learn your route to campus and figure out which method of transportation you’ll take. Find out where your friends are living and map out routes to see them.

Sure you have Google Maps and you can do it all on the go, but having a good idea of your route before you get there is still safer. It will also take some of the stress off when you move to the newer area.

The summer months are the time to prepare for university next year. It may seem boring, but you’ll find yourself de-stressed when you get to university. You can enjoy meeting up with friends and choosing your clubs for the year, instead of hoping you pass the year.

How will you prepare for university next year? Share in the comments below.


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