7 Best Rejection Letters People Have Received

Think you’ve been through too much rejection lately? People receive rejection letters on a daily basis, whether it is for a job application, university application, or even trying to get a recording contract. I’ve received rejection from websites and companies when I’ve pitched articles and blog posts. How we deal with it will affect our futures.

Best rejection letters

Sometimes rejection doesn’t have to be the end of the world. There are some rejection letters that are just hilarious, and probably were for the people receiving them (once they got over the initial disappointment).

The 7 best rejection letters I’ve come across:

The Sexist Letter from Disney












Miss Fords was accepted during World War II when women had to “step up” and help their country.

The Budding Writer Rejection











Well, at least the guy’s rejection wasn’t as bad as the next!

The Worst Rejection Letter Ever (Turns Out It’s Fake Though)










I had to laugh at the thought of being able to sue because they had to do their job!

The Rejection Because of Age











Bless this 12-year-old although I do wonder why his parents allowed him to send an application/letter off! Or did they even know?

The Playgirl Hopeful

We all know about Playboy but did you know there’s also a Playgirl? This guy did:











I Feel Sorry for This Writer







Most of the time there is some feedback when a writer sends a novel in to a publication. Could something really be that terrible? What’s the betting that it’s online as a self-published eBook now?

Applicant Turns the Table to Reject a Rejection

This is my last of the lot — how many people would like to send this to someone who rejected them?








Feel free to share any rejection letters you’ve found that are just amusing to read. We all like a good laugh now and then.


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