Need help with accommodation? Image by Ell Brown

Need help with accommodation? Image by Ell Brown

Going to university is an exciting time but there are different things that you need to think about.

Accommodation is just one of them. Should you live in halls of residence or find a house with your friends?

It doesn’t have to be hard to make your choice. With a bit of help, you could find the perfect accommodation and watch out for all the scams when it comes to landlords and letting agencies. You can also understand your rights when it comes to deposits and being evicted.

This section will offer all the tips you need to find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs and budget.

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How to Find the Perfect Student Accommodation

The new Aston University halls of residence. Photo by Ell Brown

Whether you are starting university for the first time or going back for your final year, finding the perfect accommodation is important. You need to find something that suits your budget, is close...Read More »

5 Tips to Settle Into Your Student Accommodation

Make your room feel like home and you will soon settle in.

Becoming a student is an exciting time for most, but there are worries. Making new friends and getting on with your forced flatmates, especially in your first year if you live in...Read More »

Is Living in Halls of Residence the Best Option?

Living in halls of residence at Aston means you are right on campus

Halls of residence are the UK’s version of college dorms. They’re loud and full of students looking to have a good time, meet new people and do well in their degrees.

There...Read More »

5 Tips to Save Time Searching for Student Accommodation

During your first year of university, you will likely live in student halls of residence. I found this beneficial for the first year. I was close to the university campus and in a flat with multiple other first year students. It was a chance to settle into the university life...Read More »

Who Should You Live with During University?

In student halls, your flat mates are decided for you.

I found some letters from a friend a few weeks back that he sent to me during university. Most of them covered things that were happening during the day, like lectures and assessments we...Read More »

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