Why Hiring Someone to Write Essays Is a Waste of Time

Happy New Year!

It’s been a few months since I’ve written on the blog. That wasn’t the intention in November, but everything ran away with me. I also got bogged down with trying to write daily.

Over Christmas week I took some time off and it gave me some much needed time to rethink plans and decide what I really wanted from my blogs. For Student Survival Tips that meant a full overhaul. I also created a plan of attack for daily topics to help with blog post creation and aid you to find exactly what you need to survive your student years.

It does mean that there will be some changes to the blog.

I’m going to update the theme within the next two weeks. This one isn’t mobile friendly and if you’re anything like me, you’ll check the blog from your phone and tablet. So the theme needs to be updated to something that is mobile friendly.

But before that happens, I want to update you on the topics that you can expect. I’ll post three days a week. The first week will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and then the second week will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. That will alternate with that plan of attack for the foreseeable.

The upcoming schedule is:

  • Money, Budget and Financing Mondays
  • Time Management Tuesdays
  • Wine, Beer, and Socialising Wednesday
  • Tasty Thursday
  • Fresher Tips Friday
  • Studying Saturday

Within these days there will be some crossovers. Time management can cover some studying and cleaning tips, while money and budget can look into socialising on your student budget.

Most of the blog will now be dedicated to students online (including full time, part time, distance learning, and student parents). I will post some tips for parents of students now and then but the aim is to offer a student resource. If you are a parent looking for tips, you could still find the posts helpful as a way to know how your student child can improve their life and abilities in uni.

So without anymore delay, here’s a look at today’s post on why hiring writers for essays is a waste of time.

Time Management Tuesday: Hiring Writers for Your Essays

As a freelance writer, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had someone ask if I’ll write their essays. They want to pay all sorts of money for me to do it.

I always say no but I do know plenty of other writers who will do it. It’s immoral and it’s also a complete waste of time.

Yes, it really does waste your time getting someone else to do your essays. Let me share just how that is the case.

The other person doesn’t know your uni topic

How do you know that you’re getting someone who has studied the same course? I’ve had people come to me with help on their law, business, finance, and even medical essays. I haven’t done a degree in any of them so I wouldn’t even know where to start.

But they’re not bothered about that. All they want is the content written for them so they can pass.

Chances are they wouldn’t pass. I wouldn’t know if what I’ve written is correct or not based on the limited information online.

I also wouldn’t know what your lecturer has taught. Even if I got computer science coursework to do, I wouldn’t know if it was completely right. Universities set their own modules. There’s a similarity but they don’t all crossover.

You’d need to provide all your notes and then make sure the essay written worked with your notes.

You’d need to check the referencing

Even if you do get someone who went to your uni and studied under your lecturer, you’d need to make sure the referencing for the essay was right.

Most universities work with the Harvard system, but I know there are other referencing system out there. And they’re not all universal. You would need to remember to tell the writer you hired which referencing system you used and then check that it was all done correctly.

Just using the wrong system can lead to being marked down.

The essay could be plagiarised

You run the risk of handing in a plagiarised essay. How do you know the writer hasn’t been hired by someone before with the same topic? How do you know that they won’t just grab an essay online and use that to sell you?

Handing in a plagiarised article is an instant fail. You could end up being kicked out of your university, especially if they find out you bought a plagiarised article.

You’re left trying to get your money back from the writer, who will probably just block you. After all, if they’re immoral enough to write your essay, they are likely immoral enough to not care what happens next.

You’ll have more research to do afterwards

So, you got your essay and you got flying colours on it. You were lucky but that doesn’t mean the time has been saved.

You still have exams to do. What do you think you can do now? Hire someone to take the exam for you? If your uni is anything like mine was, you’ll need to have your student ID card on the table for the lecturers to check.

By “saving time” getting someone to write your essay, you’ll have to spend more time studying for your exams. The essay would have helped you re-learn some of your notes and take in more information. You’ve lost out on that by not doing your essay yourself.

How Can You Save Time Writing Essays?

While hiring a writer for your essays isn’t a good idea, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a tutor. If you’re really struggling, you can get someone to help learn the material to make it easier to write your essays.

This isn’t a waste of time. Even if you still struggle with the essay writing, you’re learning your topic. It will be much easier to revise when it comes to exam time. You can also pick up information that will help you the year after.

Some students worry about their written English. They know the topic but just can’t seem to get the words on the page. You could hire a proofreader. This will be someone who doesn’t actually touch the information but corrects your grammar mistakes. The proofreader doesn’t need to know anything about the topic, but it could be helpful if there are lots of words intentionally misspelled due to the subject (such as medical terms).

There’s really no point hiring someone to write essays. This is a waste of time and could land with a failed grade or being kicked out of university. Do the work and find other ways to improve your chances of passing and saving time.

I’ll be back Thursday with some tips on creating the perfect meal on a student budget.


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