Student Budget and Money

Worried about being able to afford everything while at university? Wondering how you can make your student loan stretch?

Finances are tough for students – and even those who live with students!

While you will gain a student loan, even if it the minimum amount, you will need to budget.  You also need to know about saving up for the future and options of working on the side — can you do that while being a student?

Student Survival Tips wants to offer a place for all students to come for their student budget and money needs. I can offer a place to learn how to make money online, stretch your loans and pay, and focus on living a frugal and affordable student life.

Why Budgeting Is a Life Lesson Not Enough Students Are Learning

Making your money stretch further — a concept most students are painfully familiar with after embarking on university life. But were we ever aware during our school years of just how important it would come to be?

Not so much, according to recent findings. The latest Student Money Survey shows...Read More »

Making Money as a Student Needn’t Be a Risky Business

Photo from Pixabay, adapted by Alexandria Ingham

Money troubles come as standard with student life, it seems — and even more so as it’s announced the total bill for student loans will reach £1 trillion over the next 25 years, while the interest rate...Read More »

5 Tips to Get Everything in Order for Your Taxes

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

If you’re making money on the side as a student, you’ll need to declare it to HMRC. The last tax year ended April 5, and you have until January 31 to file your self-assessment. Don’t let it too...Read More »

7 Tips to Save Money on Your Student Food Shop

The student budget never seems to stretch far, does it? Some of the time it’s because of how you choose to spend the money. Even with a good budget setup, you can overspend in areas if you’re not careful.

The student food budget is one of the most common areas...Read More »

4 Reasons Your Student Years Are the Perfect Time to Save for a House Deposit

There’s lots of talk about saving for a house deposit and getting onto the property ladder. Rental prices are increasing, as the government makes changes to legislation and puts some landlords out of business.

While you may not be eligible for a mortgage, there’s no time like the present to start...Read More »

5 Tips to Avoid Overspending on Tech Deals

You’ll start to see a lot of tech deals pop up with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner. They can be useful for your student life. You can pick up a new laptop for half the price it was in the summer or pick up some new...Read More »

7 Proven Ways for Students to Save Money

Are you looking to save money as a student? You may initially laugh at the idea, but it’s certainly not impossible. Even if it’s just a few ££s per week, it’s a little that will eventually go a long way. Focus on the small goals and work your way up...Read More »

Student Money Tips: Using Your First Credit Card

When I was a student, I got my first credit card. Actually, I ended up with two credit cards and one of them just because I wanted the blow up chair that came with it! At the time I had very little understanding about credit cards and if I could...Read More »

6 Tips to Get Your Bank Balance in Order for Next Year

The new year for university is going to start soon. Depending on the part of the UK you live in, you will likely have one to two months left of the summer holidays. This is the time to start thinking about planning for next year. Of course money is always...Read More »

Student Bank Accounts: Is It Worth Having One?

One of the first things I did after getting confirmation I was going to university was open a student bank account. The majority of students will do this, but does that mean you need the account? Could you get buy on a normal bank account?

Read More »

A Helpful Guide to Using Coupons and Discount Codes

Are you a Coupon Queen? Do you have cashback apps and discount websites saved to help you reduce your costs? While using coupons and discount codes can be useful to save money as a student, they can also cause you to spend more without realising.

Some...Read More »

Should You Get the NUS Extra Card?

Once upon a time, getting the NUS card was free for all students. It was gained through the university and entitled you instantly to discounts. In 2006 this all changed. Suddenly you had to buy the NUS card – starting off at £10 per student year. That meant whether you...Read More »

Dealing with Student Loan Debt After University

I know this isn’t something you want to think about right now. I graduated almost 10 years ago and I still don’t want to think about my student loan debt. But as adults we need to. We need to be responsible with our money.

Read More »

5 Top Tips to Save Money as a Student

Worrying about money and how to save money as a student is perfectly normal. You will not be the only one and there will be more students after you to fear it. None of this is helped by constant changes to the student loans and tuition fees.

There are just so...Read More »

7 Tips to Stick to Your Student Budget

Now that you’ve created a student budget (if you haven’t, you’ll need to check this post out), you need to work to stick to it. Software and spreadsheets only do so much. It takes will power to stick to your student budget.

But you’re not alone. There are millions of...Read More »

5 Tips for Creating Your Fat and Healthy Student Budget Emergency Fund

As part of your student budget, you need to create an emergency fund. This is non-negotiable. Your student budget emergency fund can help prevent a car breakdown or other unexpected cost from throwing you deep into debt.

It’s something that many students overlook. There’s the excuse of not having...Read More »

How to Create a Student Budget (and What to Do If You Go Over)

When you start university, you will soon find that you have very little money but there is so much going on. The maximum student loan available is approximately £8,000 per year, depending on the part of the UK that you live in. That is not a lot for a full...Read More »

What Exactly Is a Student Budget and Why Do I Need One?

Of all the student survival tips searched for, student budget, money tips, and finances in general always come up. When you become a student, you need to sit down and work out a budget.

I’m not lying when I say that your student budget is your best friend. Well, it’s also...Read More »

Make Money Online: 5 Affiliate Programs You Want to Join as a Student

As a student, you will likely look for ways to make money online. This wasn’t that big of an option when I was in university but it has grown in popularity in the last 5-10 years. This could be due to so many people now showing off their earnings.

There are...Read More »

5 Tips to Save £1,000 Per Year with a Student Budget

Trying to save money with a student budget seems like an impossible task. Trust me when I tell you that I know where you are coming from.

But it doesn’t have to be impossible. You can save £1,000 per year.

I know this doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a lot better...Read More »

4 Ways to Earn a Side Income While Studying

Affording everything as a student is difficult. The student loan only goes so far so you may be looking for ways to earn a side income while studying.

Many students choose to get a part time job, but this will take up all your weekends and you will be required to...Read More »

How to Save Money as a Student Without Working: Using the Roundup Method

Do you wish you could save money as a college student? You just want to know how to save money as a student without working at all. And you need to do it while socialising, buying text books, and affording food.

Well, I’m about to give you one tip to help...Read More »

5 Ways to Make Money While Studying: Your Completely Legal Guide to Making Money on the Side

You want to make money while studying, but you’re at a loss. While you could get a part time job, you just don’t have the time for it. There are benefits to working part time, but that’s for a different post.

Right now you want a method that will directly benefit...Read More »

Why Software Isn’t Enough for Student Budgets

Last year I shared all about creating a student budget and I even showed you examples of my own. I’ve upgraded recently to using Mint for my personal budgeting. While budgeting software is useful, it’s not enough. There’s one thing that you need to stick to your student...Read More »

4 Reasons I Stuck With Casual Employment as a Student

Casual employment is getting a bad reputation in the UK. These are those zero-hour contracts that everyone keeps banging on about.

The trust is, while at university I was on one of these zero-hour contracts. You know when I had zero hours? When I chose to. But it turns out that...Read More »

Seasonal vs. Part-Time Work: What’s Better for a Student?

Money issues and work needs arise when you’re a fulltime student. You need to find the best way to bring in some money, so you can afford more than that measly student loan offers you. After all, there are text books, drinks, and gym memberships to pay for.

So, what options...Read More »

4 Practical and Legal Tips for Making Money While You’re Studying Full-Time, Part-Time, and Distance Learning

Whether you’re studying through a full-time course, distance learning, or something in between, you’ll need money. The student loan only goes so far, and some courses won’t even offer it. So what are your choices?

Making money while you’re studying certainly is possible, and there are plenty of practical and legal...Read More »

How to Help Your Children Create a Student Budget

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want to help them grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Helping them create a student budget is one of those things that we can do.

But where do were start? What do we do to help them with personal budgeting?

I...Read More »

How to Budget for Any Student Party

Whether it’s a Halloween house party or you...Read More »

Should You Get a Part-Time Job as a Student?

When sharing the student budget with you on Saturday, I shared that I assumed you would get a part-time job. But do you really need this? Should you get one?

I’ll be honest, I knew students who didn’t have a job as a full-time student and others that did. Those...Read More »

How NOT to Use Your Student Overdraft

When you get a student bank account, there are high chances that you’ll get a student overdraft. It’s really easy to think of this as free money.

This is not the way to even consider your student overdraft. It is there for emergencies only, and that is the way you should...Read More »

How to Create a Student Budget (With Looks at My Own)

I can go through all the same tips that everyone else will tell you about creating a student budget. I could go on about working out your income and your outgoings, separating your outgoings into necessities and luxuries.

In fact, I’ve written all these tips down before. I’ve shared how you...Read More »

Student Grants Now Loans: What Does This Mean for You?

Student grants in the UK have now been changed to student loans. It was that parting gift from George Osborne that nobody tried to block. We’ve known it was coming, but it didn’t feel real until today.

You know all that, but what does it actually mean for you? Well, really,...Read More »

10 Top Tips to Stretch Your Student Loan

Your student loan needs to last you for the whole year. If you’re in Scotland, it’s paid monthly for nine months of the year, but in England it’s paid in three lump sums across the year.

Budgeting is essential. You can stretch your student loan with these top 10 tips.

Get Your...Read More »

Make Extra Money With Affiliate Marketing

Image from Amazon

Making extra money as a student can be tricky. What options do you have that won’t affect your studies?

Well, what about using affiliate marketing? This is an option that many people—not just students—use to make more money. Bloggers and work at...Read More »

10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Student Loan

Your student loan is your financial lifeline at university. It helps to cover various costs, including rent, stationary and socialising. Making the most of it is essential.

Some student loans are paid monthly, while helps to limit the overspending at the start. However, some are paid in lump sums at the...Read More »

Could Online Writing Be a Way to Make Money as a Student?

Students are always looking for ways to make money. Student loans don’t give you that much, and there are always expenses. It could be rent, books or just socialising.

Either way, you need more money. Chances are you’re looking online for way to make money as a student.

Online writing is likely...Read More »

5 Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Image: Pixabay

As a student you will be on a tight budget. I remember what it was like. I still know what it is like.

You want to get great presents, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. The good news is that that...Read More »

Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

When I was a student, I laughed at the idea of getting a slow cooker. It just seemed like one of those old people things.

But I ended up getting one on the recommendation of a student friend. And it was the best decision I ever made. They’re not just for...Read More »

Student Discount Tips: Make Sure You Really Save Money

Make sure you really save money with student discounts.
Image: Pixabay

Student discounts are supposed to help save you money. The problem is many students end up spending more than they really should. It’s time to follow some student discount tips to make sure...Read More »

5 Ways to Make More Money as a Student Without a Part-Time Job

Need help making money to fund your student life?
Image: Pixabay

The student life is a poor one. There’s so much to do and so much to buy, but the student loan just doesn’t seem to stretch far enough. You need to find ways...Read More »

Easy Peasy Spaghetti Bolognese

As a student, you want easy to cook recipes, right? Of course you do!

Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the easiest recipes you can cook, and you can add a few flavours to really make it stand out. This is the recipe I followed when I was a student living at...Read More »

Lying on Your CV? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t!

lying on your CV

It just really isn’t worth lying on your CV.
Image from Pixabay.

I’ve just read a report stating that a third of employers don’t check the qualifications written on a CV. I find that surprising and also a poor decision to report on something...Read More »

Avoid Overspending on “Back to School” Items

How much are you wasting on back to school items?
Image from Pixabay; modified by Alexandria Ingham

It will be time to go back to university soon. For children in Scotland, they’re already back in school!

You may have heard recently that back to school...Read More »

Tips to Make the Most of Your Student Discounts

I recently bought my NUS Extra card. I opted for the three-year card just to make it much easier, and to save a little money. You see the one-year card is £12, but the three-year card was just £30 so I saved £4. It’s not a lot but it’s still...Read More »

Moving Back Home? There’s No Shame In That

Moving back home after graduation offers many benefits, like starting your retirement savings.

Moving back home is something that some students do after graduation. It’s viewed as a sign of failure to some, but it certainly isn’t. There are many benefits to moving back...Read More »

Why Your Lecturers Aren’t Working Weekends

You may be surprised by just how much work your lecturer has to do.

After a recent conversation with someone about university lecturers, I’ve realised just how little students know about what their lecturers are up to. Many complain that they’re not working weekends...Read More »

Student Insurance: Do You Need It?

What would you do if your laptop broke and didn’t have student insurance?

You may hear all about student insurance during Fresher’s Week. There are often companies at the stalls during Fresher’s Fayre offering it, especially for contents insurance.

But you don’t need it, do...Read More »

Delicious Halloween Treats to Try

Make the most of your Halloween treats.

Halloween is everywhere. As a student, it is really tempting to get a box of the ghost cookies or try out the special edition chocolate log bars.

Why not try and make your own Halloween treats instead? Here...Read More »

Student Fancy Dress Budget: Keeping the Cost of Costumes to a Minimum

Don’t disappoint with your fancy dress costume

Having a student fancy dress budget is a must. There are always costume nights.

When I was at university, I had a Disney theme, a superhero theme, a beach theme and many more. I have a whole fancy...Read More »

Parent Tips: Helping Children with Their Budgeting

Budgeting helps to avoid unpaid bills or rent!

Parents can really help their children when it comes to budgeting. Children look to their parents to be role models, so you need to start with good practises to help them.

It’s not too late to help...Read More »

Ideas for Blogging While Being a Student

Are you ready to blog about your student life?

Whether you start your own blog as a student or guest on other people’s blogs, you can really benefit from this pastime. This is the time to make a good name for yourself and your...Read More »

Getting a Graduate Job: Finding a Placement After University

Now you’ve graduating, it’s time to look for a graduate job

So, you’ve made it through university and you’ve got that shiny degree.

Now what?

Now it’s time to get your graduate job. But you keep hearing about how there are no jobs, right?

Well, that is...Read More »

Great Part Time Job Ideas for Students

Did you have a part time job at university?

Students need all the help they can get when it comes to finances. While most of your time should be dedicated to study, you could get a part time job to keep the cash flowing...Read More »

7 Best Rejection Letters People Have Received

Think you’ve been through too much rejection lately? People receive rejection letters on a daily basis, whether it is for a job application, university application, or even trying to get a recording contract. I’ve received rejection from websites and companies when I’ve pitched articles and blog posts. How we deal...Read More »

Create the Perfect Graduate CV

Get that job with the perfect graduate CV. Image by basketman/

It’s common knowledge that there are few graduate jobs out there. It isn’t because the companies aren’t hiring – there’s simply more graduates than there are positions.

To be able to get a job,...Read More »

Student Finance: Scottish Awards Agency Makes Changes to Their Loans

Apply for student financ

Apply for student finance now to avoid financial trouble in the future. Image by wwarby

Since it’s coming up to reapplying for student loans, it’s important to cover a major change to the way the Scottish student loans system will work. As of the...Read More »

How to Create a Realistic Student Budget

Have you started your student budget? Image by Tax Credits

Have you started your student budget? Image by Tax Credits

Students want to be able to do a lot on their small finances – I remember what it was like being away from home and free to explore for the first time. I want...Read More »

How to Enjoy Easter on a Student Budget

You can have Easter eggs on a tight budget. Image by praktyczny.przewodnik

Being a student is difficult when it comes to the holiday seasons. Luckily, Easter isn’t the biggest but it does add extra costs. The problem for many students is that it’s just...Read More »

Payday Loan Adverts Banned by University of East London

The negative press surrounding payday loans is not over yet. The University of East London took the decision to ban all advertisements for payday loans on their campus. They are the first to do this so far but there may be many more to follow.

Too Many Under-25s in Debt

This news...Read More »

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