Student Parents

If balancing studying and socialising isn’t enough, some have to figure out how to balance their university life with their home life and provide for their children.

We’re both student parents – Callum full-time and I’m part-time. We’ve had to work out a schedule to help balance our two worlds to make sure our daughter doesn’t suffer.

It’s definitely not easy but it is worth it in the end. The trick is to attending to all your needs and being flexible enough to make changes to all that when you need to.

We want to help you and this section offers just that.

5 Tips to Study While Raising a Family

Are you trying to study while raising a family? I did it and I have to say that it’s not easy. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right schedule and the right frame of mind, you can juggle all the plates that you have. There’s no need to...Read More »

5 Tips to Support Your Family While You Study

When I decided to go back to university, I had a growing family to support. At first it was just me and my husband, but he was a full-time student. It didn’t take long for our first daughter to be born and now we have two. Trying to support your...Read More »

Finding the Balance Between Studying and Childcare

Whether you’re going to university full time or thinking about distance learning study, finding the balance between studying and childcare is important for student parents. You want to spend as much time with your family as possible, while making the most of your university years.

There are sacrifices you will have...Read More »

Studying With Children: Leaving Your Children with Their Other Parent

Leaving for university isn’t easy but it’s sometimes the best thing for the family.

If you were already at university when you—or your partner—had a baby, you will have had to make a decision:


  • Drop out of school
  • Transfer to a local one
  • Separate the family temporarily


Studying...Read More »

Student Parent Tips: Planning Your Time for Your Studies

My husband and I were both student parents (I still am!). Having a little one in the house definitely doesn’t make studying easy but it’s worthwhile when I’m doing it for her future.

After a year of studying, we’ve both found our ways to make sure she got the time she...Read More »

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