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It is tough for parents to see their children grow up – many comment that it happens too quickly. However, you need to prepare your children for leaving the family home, especially in areas of cleaning and cooking. This will give them the best chance of success while they are away. Here are some of tips for parents of children getting ready to go to or already at university.

4 Tips for Parents of Freshers: How Parents Can Help Children Prepare for University

It won’t be long until your child is off to university. Whether it’s this summer or next summer, you’ll be like all the other parents of freshers very soon: worried that they’ll be safe, hoping they follow the life examples you’ve set, and proud of their achievements.

I can’t tell you...Read More »

Parents of Students Tips: How Parents Can Help Their Student Children Cook

Cooking is an essential part of student life. I remember getting to university to find out that one student didn’t even know how to make a baked potato in the microwave. I bought a cookbook for some ideas on quick and easy recipes, only to find out that some people...Read More »

How to Help Your Children Create a Student Budget

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want to help them grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Helping them create a student budget is one of those things that we can do.

But where do were start? What do we do to help them with personal budgeting?

I...Read More »

Parent Tip: Encouraging Students to Study During the Holidays

Set up a space to encourage children to study

Encouragement goes a long way and it’s one of my biggest parent tips.

There are different ways to encourage students and different things you need to encourage them about. Today’s parent tip focus on studying during...Read More »

Parent Tips: Helping Your Children Deal with Homesickness

As children get older, they turn to you for more things.

It can be really hard hearing how much your children want to come home. It doesn’t matter how old they get, you want to be there to help them.

As part of my parent...Read More »

Parent Tips: Helping Children with Their Budgeting

Budgeting helps to avoid unpaid bills or rent!

Parents can really help their children when it comes to budgeting. Children look to their parents to be role models, so you need to start with good practises to help them.

It’s not too late to help...Read More »

Tips to Ensure that Your Kids Can Learn Well During Tuition Classes

Help children learn more in their chemistry tuition. Image by zhouxuan12345678

Instructing children in a class can be exciting, daunting and fulfilling. Children are easy learners and most of them are equally fast learners with an unending curiosity. This makes them good listeners. On...Read More »

Tips for Parents: Preparing Your Children for University

Preparing your children for university is worth it.

As a parent, you get used to doing everything for your children. You’ll do their washing, cook their food and maybe clean their room. However, your children need help preparing for university.

Too many students go to...Read More »

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