When I created Student Survival Tips, I wanted to create your one-stop spot for everything about being a student. But there’s so much, right? People have accommodation questions, worries about university degree choices and so much more. There are two topics that the majority of students struggle with: money and studying. After looking back over posts, I realised that these topics were the ones most commonly searched for, so I condensed Student Survival Tips to focus on just these.

Within the website, you’ll find help on setting up your budget, making money to support your preferred lifestyle, setting up study plans and even managing your socialising around your studying needs. This is a place for all students to come, whether on the maximum student loan or with parents supporting them. It’s your place for tips and ideas to make it through the next 3-4 years of your life and set you up for graduation.

Who am I?

I’m Alexandria and I set up Student Survival Tips in 2011, two years after graduating. When I was at Aston University studying Computer Science I wished there was a place to come for advice from previous students. I wasn’t interested in forums. I wanted to learn from those who had done it all before. Then my sister went to university and shared some of the things her flat mates didn’t know. We joked about how a source for research would be useful and then this idea was born.

While I may no longer be a student, many of the tips and tools I picked up during my student years are still ones I follow today.